Welcome to Walking On Unsteady Ground

Hello. I am so happy you found yourself upon my blog. You may find yourself asking what this is, or more importantly who God is. This blog is designed to show you all of that. On here you will find daily devotionals from various parts of the Bible. My commentary on it, and how I apply it to my everyday life.

To me, Life is far from walking on steady ground. Its a constant battle. We may have to climb, jump, leap, swim, and sometimes even drown (figure of speech) in order to survive.

Maintaining Steadiness is where I’ll be posting chapters about the bible and providing my own commentary on it. Walking Unsteadily is things that happen in my everyday life that not only enhance my knowledge of God, but make me aware of the things that He is doing in my life. As well as exposing myself and making myself completely vulnerable.

For the Alcoholic is a relatively new section I’ve started. If you think you are suffering from alcoholism, then I highly recommend you check this section out. I have only recently begun to embrace the fact that I do need help, and that I am taking recovery very seriously. This particular section focuses more on my recovery among other things. You are not alone. We all have to be in this together.

Prayers for the alcoholic is a list of prayers that I utilize on a daily basis. These prayers have gotten me through the rough times, as well as celebrating the good.

My testimony is a link to my youtube channel where I share my story and how I came to know God.

Lastly, you have our contact information. Please email us your prayer requests, questions, or whatever it is that you need.

Here at Walking On Unsteady Ground, It’s not just about walking on unsteady ground. Some of you may already be a believer. Some of you just want more information, some of you may be in a really tough spot and found yourself here.

Whatever the case may be, I’m glad you found my blog and I will hope and pray that you will learn something that you too can apply to your walk in your shoes.

Happy reading!

Katie A.


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My ground may not be steady, but when I'm walking on God's ground, it's a lot easier.